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Copyright (c) 2021, Charlie Martínez
All contributions by quirinux-so - charliemartinez:
Copyright (c) Charlie Martínez
All rights reserved.
Quirinux and Charlie Martinez are registered trademarks of Carlos Mariano Martinez Bourio.
All other contributions:
Copyright (c) the respective contributors.
All rights reserved.
Each contributor holds copyright over their respective contributions.
The project versioning (Git) records all such contribution source information.
The code is distributed under the GPLv2.0 license while all graphic material such as icons, wallpapers, manuals and documentation in general adopt the CC-BY-4.0 license.
The Quirinux logo belongs to Thomas Gaya.
The Quirinux logo created by:
Copyright (c) Thomas Gaya.
Other codes, logos and brands used and / or mentioned in the documentation belong to their respective authors.
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